Majesco to Publish “Glue” and new “A Boy and His Blob” with Five Employees, Coming to PC

The gaming industry is a volatile creature. Things can happen with spontaneity within the confines of something like Kickstarter and propel your would-be project to massive success. You might even become the most hated company in the world, an award very few win.

Majesco has struggled to stay afloat within the industry over the past few years, but it isn’t going down without a fight.

We currently have just five full time employees and recently announced additional changes to our board of directors and senior management team. As we adjust to our new business model, we expect that our future quarters will be breakeven to profitable. We continue to explore new distribution channels and are working with developers to increase these numbers and further reduce costs.–Jesse Sutton, Former CEO of Majesco Entertainment

He also goes on to say:

We have reduced our headcount dramatically, and our cash burn, in order to focus on the download business, which is essentially a royalty business where games are downloaded from servers maintained by game companies, such as Valve, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The company is making moves, such as employee headcount reductions and varying market strategies, relying on its bigger partnerships for digital distribution. Even so, the company promises games like Glue and a new A Boy and His Blob title to keep the wheels from coming completely off the Majesco train.

The titles listed above are expected to be “…launched on all next generation consoles and in some cases, PC.”

What are you thoughts on the company? Do you thin they are making the right choices for success?