Back 4 Blood Update

No one can slay efficiently during a zombie apocalypse without a proper sense of balance. Developer Turtle Rock Studios took the time to balance a handful of cards with its latest update for Back 4 Blood, addressing some of the game’s most powerful builds. It’s not just a whirling dervish of nerfs though, and many underwhelming cards got a strong buff as well. Newer players won’t have to wait to unlock their favorite cleaners, either. All cleaners are now available from the start of the game.

Finally, and something that’s likely music to everyone’s ears: Turtle Rock is addressing the high rate of Specials overwhelming Cleaners. There was an issue where Specials would randomly duplicate their spawn cards, resulting in an “unfair amount of Specials overwhelming Cleaner teams.” Turtle Rock also stated it’ll continue to monitor the state of Special spawns in due time. The future seems bright, and my hips already feel better after being overly assaulted by a high rate of Crushers.


A balanced meal

In the Back 4 Blood balance update, the biggest build taking a hit this patch are melee builds, with many of the prolific cards in the set getting nerfs. The cards Batter Up, Brazen, Mean Drunk, and Meth Head are some the important melee cards that are losing a little bit of their power. It’s not just full nerfs, however. Other cards are getting buffs as well, like True Grit, Ignore The Pain, and Fresh Bandage. There are other welcome quality-of-life updates, too. Allies will no longer take friendly fire damage after being squeezed by a Crusher, for example.

You can read up on the full list of patch notes on Turtle Rock’s official website here. Additionally, Turtle Rock has publicized some of its update plans, opening up its Trello board for fans to follow along. There, you can get a sense of updates that Turtle Rock is working on.

Back 4 Blood Update

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