Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Anybody who hopped on the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare deal on Steam last weekend may well have got themselves even more of a bargain than first thought. Today, developers Torn Banner released a huge (and free) update for the game that adds a bunch of brand new maps, a duel mode and some more weapons to smash rival knights about with.

    Duel mode allows 1 vs 1 fights without the risk of some random pleb interrupting you with a cheeky backstab, and accounts for ten of the thirteen new maps added in this patch. The other three are: Frigid (a snowy one,) Citadel and Argon’s Wall. You can see clips of each in the trailer below.

    To enhance your arsenal, you’ll now be able to take a swing at people with a flail, heavy flail, polehammer and quarterstaff. Archery inclined folks can now use a slingshot.

    Full update notes are available to read, here.

    Peter Parrish

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