It’s been known for some time that Epic were busy reworking some aspects of their MOBA Paragon and on 8 August new changes will come into play. The current v.41 release is still being tweaked for bugs, improvement of download sizes, and performance. This tweaking is set to continue up to v.41.5.

    The next here to hit the game is called Zinx and she will be coming in the v.41.3 update and is said to bring “mega sustain to the offlane”. The art below is what we have been shown so far.

    PARAGON Zinx

    Instead of releasing a new hero after Zinx, Epic is going to work on a series of current hero revamps starting with Iggy & Scorch in v.42. Iggy has been a hero that has been crying out for a rework for a long time and it’s one that community keep asking about.


    One Iggy is dealt with, there won’t be a new hero until some of the older heroes are changed to be more effective in Monolith. Epic has not specified which heroes are being given a makeover as yet but more is expected on that soon.

    The date to watch out for is 8 August because that’s when the big changes are occurring. Art for Monolith will be finalised, the card system will have been reworked, rebalanced in-game economy, a full gameplay rebalance based on the card changes, a new Mastery system, a new ranged carry and more. The shot below shows the new Monolith art and it looks quite stunning.


    One of the biigest issues with Paragon is the terrible matchmaking system but that is not going to get looked at until after the August update or towards the end of year which is disappointing. Also to be looked at after this update is the HUD, updating minions and jungle creatures, bringing in new players and reworking some of the original heroes.

    We also now know that Epic is looking to bring Paragon out of Beta in early 2018 so it’s now crunch time to make the game tip-top. The next few months will be interesting.

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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