The results from the latest week-long IncGamers Poll are in, suggesting that a majority of our readership are impressed (some thoroughly impressed) by Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity.

    That’s perhaps not too much of a surprise, given the warm reception the RPG has been receiving in most places. But let’s break the results down a bit further to see how the hundreds of voters felt about the game.

    39% went as far as to say that Pillars of Eternity “may even surpass the Infinity Engine classics,” which is high praise indeed. Another 39% declared it to be “on par” with those titles.

    So, overall, a good 78% of you were impressed by the game to some greater or lesser degree.

    Of the others who replied to our poll, 13% said Pillars was “Alright. Pretty good for an RPG in 2015”; suggesting that even those who aren’t feeling overwhelmingly positive about the game are prepared to give it some begrudging respect.

    That leaves the 9% who warn others not to believe the hype, because Pillars of Eternity is “pretty rubbish.” Almost one in ten is a reasonable minority, so acclaim for this title hasn’t been universal.

    You can see the final poll results, below. There’ll be a new one up later today … or maybe the weekend. Pretty soon, anyway.

    [poll id=”28″]

    Peter Parrish

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