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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is the newest horror game from developer Supermassive Games. Much like their previous title, Until Dawn, the team hopes to capture the thrills, twists, and terrifying moments that characterized their previous offering. Make no mistake, Man of Medan will have a lot of choices, and the decisions you make can and will affect the lives of your main characters. All of them can die, and all of them can survive. As such, our focus for this guide is keeping everyone alive.

For this walkthrough guide, I’ve explored Man of Medan‘s “Theatrical Cut” (basically, the normal mode of the game) for single-player. Man of Medan also has the “Curator’s Cut” which lets you see the perspectives of other characters – an alternate version, if you will.

Note 1: For this Man of Medan guide/walkthrough, there will be quite a number of spoilers. The best advice I can give you is to finish the game at least once without any hints. Once you’re done, you can opt to replay it from the beginning, choosing the decisions I’ve made to keep all the characters alive. You can also use the Scene Selection feature to start from a particular moment in any chapter.

Note 2: Although Man of Medan does have several branching paths, I’ve mostly focused on those that have led me to the final act with the gang still breathing. I’ve also noted where you can find Premonitions, some alternate encounters, and achievements. Likewise, I’ve added when you’re faced with a major decision, important QTE sequences, and when there’s a “keep calm” mini-game. Lastly, for the entire walkthrough in general, you can click on the images for a larger view.

Man of Medan: Theatrical Cut Walkthrough – Everyone Survives

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