The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan Scene Selection And Curator's Cut

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan will present a lot of choices and a few twists along the way. Whether you’re facing off against pirates or exploring a spooky ghost ship, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Then again, maybe you’d like to see a different perspective altogether. That’s where the Scene Selection and Curator’s Cut features come in. You can unlock both once you’ve finished a single Man of Medan playthrough. But, what are they for exactly?

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan Scene Selection And Curator's Cut - replayability

Man of Medan: Scene Selection and replayability

As mentioned in our official review, Man of Medan might have a fairly short story — I clocked in roughly a little under six hours for my first completion, and that’s while I was alt-tabbing to jot down notes for the review itself. However, additional replayability more than makes up for it.

Once you’ve finished the game, you’ll gain access to the Scene Selection feature. Like Supermassive’s previous horror hit Until Dawn, this allows you to start from certain chapters in Man of Medan so you can make different decisions. The difference here is that Scene Selection essentially takes you to “moments” within certain arcs of the game as opposed to starting at the beginning of each “chapter.”

Man of Medan has 24 “scenes” — and this number is dependent on the decisions you’ve made. For instance, one final part of my playthrough is called “Matters of the Heart” involving a character’s paranormal experience and escape. If I made a different choice beforehand, the finale will be called “Flooded” instead, featuring a completely different conclusion.

It’s worth noting that, much like Until Dawn, Man of Medan will not allow you to skip cutscenes and cinematics. You’ll have to rewatch everything to get to the good parts. Likewise, you can’t just make a different choice and then skip through to the end to see the outcome — you’ll need to continue playing. This can be quite cumbersome and annoying if you’re already on your fourth or fifth run. When you choose an earlier scene, the game also prompts you if you want to overwrite your existing save or start a new save file. I’d suggest doing the latter if you want a file where you’ve reached the end of the game and you just want to pick from various moments.

The Curator’s Cut

As for the Curator’s Cut, it’s also unlocked once you finish Man of Medan. However, this content is only for those who’ve pre-ordered the game, though it’ll be available for free towards the end of November 2019.

This mode is an alternate take on certain scenes, allowing you to play a different character to experience a new perspective. Think of it as a way to use “player 2’s picks” from the online “Shared Story” mode, except it’s for the single-player game.

Let’s say you’re playing alone and you’ve got Alex and Fliss with you for the game’s “Theatrical Cut” (or normal mode) with Alex as the playable character. The Curator’s Cut would have you playing as Fliss instead. This offers slightly different variations to dialogue choices, and even new secrets to find.

You can grab The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan via Steam. If you’re looking for more guides and features, then you can check out our massive hub right over here.

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