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Throughout your adventure in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, you’ll spot a number of paintings hanging from walls. These are called “Premonitions,” visions which provide you a glimpse into what may happen should you make certain choices. Perhaps none can be more surprising than the last one, which you’ll find towards the game’s finale. Maybe all you need is a little hope to discover it.

Note: Given that we’re talking about the closing moments in Man of Medan, there will be spoilers ahead. If you’d like to know how to get to this part safely, you can check our full walkthrough for the “Theatrical Cut,” a.k.a. the game’s “Normal Mode.” If you want the shorter version of how to find all the Premonitions or pictures in the game, you can take a look here instead. And, of course, you can go ahead and check our guides and features hub as well.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Final Premonition Secret Alex And Julia Path

Man of Medan – The final Premonition

Getting to the latter stages in Man of Medan shouldn’t be a problem, but keeping all your characters alive might be a cause for concern. Regardless, there is one major decision you have to make during the game’s third act after you’ve contacted the military via the freighter’s radio. The radio will lose power and the gang will have to find the generator. They’ll spot an opening that they can climb down from.

If you pick Brad and Julia for the next part of your journey, you’ll miss out on this Premonition, as the next playable character (Alex), will be at a different part of the ship. It’s an entirely different finale. Instead, you’ll have to select Alex and Julia to head down to the depths of the freighter.

When you’re finished with their sequence, you’ll gain control of Conrad (or Brad, depending on what happened to Conrad). This is where things get interesting.

Finale Alternate Man Of Medan Normal Mode Walkthrough Conrad Premonition Secret

The Dark Pictures Anthology: A Little Hope

Make your way to the crew’s quarters, and you’ll spot the final Premonition. Interact with it, and you’ll see a completely flabbergasting vision. It’s a character you don’t even recognize, and someone who’s not part of the Man of Medan cast.

That’s because the Premonition depicts a scene from Supermassive Games’ next offering in The Dark Pictures Anthology. The game is called Little Hope. Even the Premonition’s own title suggests as much.

The Dark Pictures A Little Hope Man Of Medan Final Premonition Secret Scene

The short clip shows a man who’s panicking as someone, possibly his partner or friend, attempts to jump off a platform. Unfortunately, the hapless character ends up hanging lifeless.

What this means for Little Hope, how it’ll be presented in-game, and how it ties to Man of Medan would be anyone’s guess. What we do know is that Supermassive has already trademarked this title, along with another one called Shattered State, so it’s on its way.

The Curator even “pulls a Thanos” during Man of Medan‘s end credits scene, hinting at his return for the next Dark Pictures Anthology game:

Maybe we’ll see each other again — maybe in Little Hope, maybe somewhere else. But, we will see each other again… it’s inevitable.

Man of Medan, the first title in The Dark Pictures Anthology horror series, can be found via its Steam store page. Looks like players who’ll enjoy it will also have something to look forward to once the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology — “Little Hope” — comes out. Don’t forget to check out our guides and features hub for more info.

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