Total War Three Kingdoms Mandate Of Heaven Zhang Jue And The Yellow Turbans Mandate War Guide

You already know about the mechanics and core concepts for Zhang Jue and the Yellow Turbans. The question, however, is how you’ll fare once the Mandate War begins in earnest. That happens early on in Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign. This mini-guide will focus on your opening moves and what you’ll need to do as the conflict engulfs China.

Note: Many of Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven‘s core concepts have already been discussed in our previous articles, so check out our guides and features hub for more information. This guide was completed while playing Romance Mode on VH/VH difficulty.

II. Mandate of Heaven: Zhang Jue’s opening moves

The Yellow Turban campaign in Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven can be quite frantic. This is due to only having eight turns to build up your forces, expand, and consolidate before the Mandate War event fires. As such, all your opening moves will be extremely important.

In Zhang Jue’s case, he’s poised to have one of the easier (challenging, but still easy) Mandate of Heaven playthroughs. Compared to the other Zhang bros, the Supreme Mystic of the Way of Peace is bolstered by increased replenishment thanks to high levels of Zeal. This makes it possible to fully replenish casualties within a couple of turns, and even losses from auto-resolved victories will be fine.

Moh Yt Quest Start

The uprising begins

Take out the unlucky Shen Shi and capture the nearby city of Zhongshan to make it your power base once you start Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign. You’ll be offered several quests, each with its own rewards:

  • Capture the livestock farms in Zhongshan, Anping, and Ye = 5,000 gold
  • Capture Taiyuan town, iron mine, and toolmaker = gain legendary weapons for the Zhang brothers
  • Defeat 20 armies or garrisons = 20k population growth, 50% family estates income, 10% replenishment (all Yellow Turban factions)
  • Defeat Liu Yu = He Yi joins Yellow Turban Rebellion

Two of the three livestock farms will get captured by your brothers within a couple of turns, so it’s up to you to grab the nearby one in Zhongshan.

Moh Yt Quest Farmlands

Take note of Zhang Jue’s two generals as well. Both Ma Yuanyi and Liang Zhongning have fire arrows unlocked, and that’s just awesome. You don’t need to focus on recruiting a full stack or an extra army (yet) since your hostile neighbors will only field a handful of troops.

At best, you could opt to field all your other officers (except for one who’ll do assignments at the start). You’d want officers fighting troops often since leveling up leads to faction-wide perks. Don’t forget that you’re only limited to three deployments and four armies at the start of Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign.

In any case, you only have one assignment slot available. Choose “Attract Talent” and you should get an extra officer in a few turns. Lastly, don’t forget to upgrade Zhongshan’s main building.

Moh Yt Recruit Assignment


That’s just the first turn. Your next turns will involve the following:

  • Detaching a part of your army.
  • Capturing Zhongshan’s livestock farm using a detachment — ie. Ma Yuanyi’s retinue to siege; Zhang Jue and Liang Zhongning serve as reinforcements.
  • After capturing the settlement, Ma Yuanyi can’t be moved. Just get Zhang Jue and Liang Zhongning close to Dai’s town.
  • Zhang Jue and Liang Zhongning capture Dai town with Ma Yuanyi serving as backup. With the siege over, Ma Yuanyi uses his extra movement points and edges closer to Dai’s horse pastures.
  • Basically, you’re “land-hopping” to nearby settlements, ensuring that you’ve got an army that can move and siege with another one close by for support.
  • Again, with the replenishment bonus, you should have your troops in tip-top shape always.

Note: For my Mandate of Heaven Yellow Turban playthroughs, I avoided looting or sacking settlements in the early game (ie. one army sacks a city, the backup army captures it in the same turn). It’s possible especially due to the replenishment bonus and “land hopping” concept, sure. But, from my experience, it’s also led to a few wasted turns when I could’ve been moving units further afield. Later on, though, you could opt to go with the “sack and cap” routine.

Moh Yt Fall Of Liu Bei 1

Fanning the flames

Anyway, by the time you reach Youzhou, you’ll probably notice how random warlords are declaring war on “The Zhang Gang.” That’s fine. Don’t forget to spend a bit of gold to upgrade farms or towns. Oh, and don’t chase after Liu Yu’s forces further than Youbeiping.

If you have extra gold, go ahead and field some additional armies. Alternatively, just wait for turn 7 when Zhang Kai comes of age (he’s a legendary officer). You can have a captain retinue attached to this army (preferably an archer captain). Deploy him in a settlement you own that’s closest to Youbeiping.

The above is just as suggestion early on in your Mandate of Heaven campaign. In my experience, I eventually switched to this composition:

  • A Veteran — preferably with “Focus” and “Opportunism” — who’s got Archer Gangs and a Trebuchet.
  • A Healer-type officer. Honestly, Healer-type officers are just too good due to their “Knowledge of the Body” (HP regen) skill, and you could have an army comprised only of three of these invincible officers to obliterate your opponents.
  • Other armies in support could have a mish-mash of different officer types or captain retinues (just to help generate new characters).

Once you get the ball rolling, your choices won’t really matter too much due to the Zeal mechanic and Zhang Jue’s unmatched replenishment capabilities.

Moh Yt Zhang Kai Recruit

Yellow Turban reforms

Zhang Jue and the Yellow Turbans have their work cut out for them due to their faction’s reforms system. Since Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven has a fast-paced (albeit shorter) campaign, there are only a select few reforms that you want to grab:

  • A New Beginning – increased population growth; unlocked at the start of Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign
  • Mandatory Drill – -15% retinue upkeep; perfect for saving some cash
  • Peacetime Farm Labor – +40% peasantry income; most commanderies in Northern China have farms, so you might as well
  • Land Conversion – higher-tier farms; synergizes with the above
  • Existential Schism – +10% experience points so you can get more local or faction-wide perks
  • Get Enlightenment later to lower corruption; Military Fletchers and Simplified Transactions also help with industry income, though you won’t find commanderies that focus on this until you control Taiyuan and Hedong
  • Although Zhang Jue can have one trade agreement at the start, it seems his own brothers will trade with each other instead. As such, you’ll need access to the sea if you want to trade with Huang Shao (I’ll explain this in a short while). There’s also no point in researching for additional trade agreements.

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion Reforms Tree

Mandate of Heaven: The Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Mandate War

Assuming you followed the above steps, you should be ready for the Mandate War that starts on turn 8. Here’s what my Mandate of Heaven campaign looked like once the Yellow Turban Rebellion began:

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion Mandate War Starts

The mystic’s shake brings all the boys to the yard

Once the Mandate War starts, your brothers will call on their allies:

  • Huang Shao’s stack spawns at Dong, and he’ll mostly act as a buffer against Tao Qian and Ying Shao.
  • Gong Du spawns near Ba, and he won’t be helping you anytime soon.
  • A splinter Yellow Turban faction spawns in Youbeiping to make Liu Yu’s life even more miserable; this one is allied with you.
  • Fervor will also build up a lot faster in adjacent commanderies. Beware because, again, these random Yellow Turban spawns due to low public order will be at war with you.

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion Battle Advance

Note 1: He Yi won’t pop up yet until you completely destroy Liu Yu’s faction. Once you’re able to do that later on, you can have him as an officer or as an independent ally. If you choose the latter, he’ll be somewhere near Yangzhou being a thorn on Yuan Shu’s side. Since Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign was going in my favor, I just recruited him as part of my officer cadre. He Man (the Master of the Universe) somehow ends up in another faction.

Note 2: You can mark war coordination targets for all your Yellow Turban allies, but they’re not guaranteed to follow orders. Just hope for the best and that they don’t commit to suicidal offensives.

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion War Coordination

Shooing the Shu-Han

The following steps will also be very important:

  • Your main army (Zhang Jue’s) should swing to the south straight for Bohai’s fishing port to capture it.
  • Your second army should serve as a backup and you should adapt depending on the circumstances.

The capture of Bohai’s fishing port is crucial. If you’re unable to get a trade agreement earlier, you can now propose one to Huang Shao.

Likewise, Han Fu, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei will start mustering near Bohai’s main settlement. On your next turn, decimate their forces and occupy Bohai’s town. Taking out “Mr. Benevolence” early in Mandate of Heaven‘s campaign will give you free rein over most of the Julu region. Shooing the would-be Shu Emperor prevents him from recruiting entire doomstacks led by his sworn brothers.Moh Yt Fall Of Liu Bei

After you’ve taken Bohai’s main settlement, push onwards to Pingyuan with your main army. Capture it as well as the nearby salt mine to prevent your own brother from grabbing that territory.

Your second army should also be moving to Youbeiping to take it. Do the “sack + capture” combo if you want to, and keep moving onwards to take Youzhou’s iron mine and Liaoxi’s toolmaker. Liu Yu will hardly be able to muster a full army. Also, a splinter faction of Yellow Turban rebels will start besieging his trade port. Once they capture it, you can just march and annex the settlement from them.

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion Leader Liu Bei

The Way of Peace is Total War

By turn 13, I have five commanderies in Northern China. I’ve completed two of the starter quests (capturing farmlands and defeating 20 armies). Here are the other findings:

  • You can disband a retinue from your second army and deploy it the next turn in Zhongshan which should have a hostile force nearby. Deploy extra officer retinues or captains if you need to.
  • Once Zhongshan is safe, defend it via ambush stance or capture Yanmen’s lumber yard.
  • Switch to forced march stance with Zhang Jue and head southwards to Ye province. Switch to ambush stance and eliminate the enemies that carelessly advance.
  • Again, use your Healer-type officers that have the “Knowledge of Body” skill to cheese some battles.

Moh Yt Zhang Jiao Legendary Weapon

Once you’re in the clear and you’ve gained some additional officers and cash, you can go ahead and head further west. After you occupy all of Taiyuan commandery, you’ll obtain legendary weapons for “The Zhang Gang.”

From here, it’s a matter of turning Northern China into a bloody battlefield, a meat grinder similar to what we did in Dong Zhuo’s and Lu Bu’s defense of Chang An. Here’s a collection of all the generals that have fallen:

Yellow Turbans Guide Mandate Of Heaven Total War Three Kingdoms Zhang Jue Yellow Turban Rebellion Leader Kill

What’s left to do? Well, there are some notable events, an attempt to form the “Divine Empire” to confederate the other Yellow Turban lords, and even a slightly “gamey” tip. Read more to find out about these.

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Mandate of Heaven is available now on Steam.

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