Maniac Mansion Devs Announce New Project On Kickstarter: Thimblewood Park

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the developers behind the original Maniac Mansion, have now gone to Kickstarter to pitch a similar project to the public. Introducing Thimblewood Park.

Thimblewood Park will be in the same style as Maniac Mansion, in terms of gameplay, visuals, etc, only now updated for modern computers. Instead of a bunch of five kids, you start out with a pair of Mulder and Scully like detectives, and in the course of investigating a found dead body, pick up three other companions in the course of investigating the town’s eerie mysteries.

That was enough to sell me on it, but if you guys need more convincing, or maybe a better idea of what this is about, check out the Kickstarter pitch video below. You can fund the game here.

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