No Man's Sky

Pretty sure you’re not allowed to park there, mate.

Bit of a disclaimer for this one, since the platforms weren’t actually announced during the VGX. It was described as ‘next gen’ and we all know the PC is always next gen, so hey. Hello Games previously brought the Joe Danger titles to the PC too, which is slightly better evidence for why No Man’s Sky might end up there. That, and the premise is so very PC.

Ok. So. From what I can gather about this, there’s a sci-fi universe in which pretty much everything (birds! leaves!) are procedurally generated. Players move around and explore worlds in first person, but they also fly space ships around to discover new planets. Everybody is in the same universe, which also means space combat might happen too. Hello Games’ Sean Murray was making some seriously Molyneux-esque promises about this; how you could climb the mountains you see in the distance, and how every star in the universe will have explorable, orbiting planets.

It sounds amazing though, that’s for sure. Unless I missed it, No Man’s Sky doesn’t have a release date yet and, as mentioned, no platforms. It’s got to be heading to PC though, surely?

Here’s the trailer, plus a couple of seconds of horrible VGX stuff at the beginning. Update: YouTube keeps blocking these, I think because it has a 65DaysofStatic track in the trailer. Apologies if it’s currently down.

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