MapleStory Europe Patched

A new patch for the free to play MMO, MapleStory, went live today for players in the European region.

The patch brings a variety of new content and features including the new map, Aqua Dungeon, an extension of Aqua Road. More instanced mini dungeons have also been added. A four-week Monster Showdown Event kicks off today, allowing players to face old and new bosses, awarding extra experience and bonus points.

Another new feature, the Guild Union, allows players to team up with up to five guilds and the Family System assigns players as mentors or juniors, rewarding participating players in various ways. The new Multipet System permits players to summon up to three pets at once and benefit from the combination of skills and effects.

“Today’s patch will bring MapleStory Europe to another dimension,” says Sung Jin Kim, Manager at NEXON Europe. “We had promised a great summer with extensive, exciting new contents, and this is merely the beginning of our delivery.”

Stay tuned for news of more MapleStory updates.

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