Gensou Skydrift

There’s no shortage of oddities or quirky titles when it comes to video games. Taking one glance at the Japanese market, you’ll notice design choices that might seem odd to westerners. Many would argue, especially in recent years, that things have shifted to embrace more of this culture. One needs to only look as far as the recent Senran Kagura Peach Ball to affirm that (a game I never thought I would play). Japanese developer illuCalab continues to play off many of its developers’ experience with the Mario Kart franchise. The studio has announced a new game, Gensou SkyDrift, a racer that is—err—different. And it’s coming December 12. 

Give me all the weirds!

On a side note, I really wanted to write about this game. Everything about the trailer looks fun. From the Mario Kart-style drifting to the pumping house music, and right down to the fact that you indeed are riding on another person in order to win a race. All of these elements seem like the right formula for anyone to have a good time in a racer.


Gensou SkyDrift will feature familiar modes for kart racing fans. Story, Versus, Time Attack, and Online Multiplayer are all modes that will be included on day one. In the online mode, you’ll be able to go up against seven other kart racers.

Oddly satisfying?

Honestly, everything about this announcement for PC is odd. The initial trailer for the game shows off its announcement for the Nintendo Switch. That really isn’t odd, especially considering the number of titles that release these days on both PC and Switch. However, the arm that is publishing it is Sony Music Entertainment Japan. This is done under its publishing label, UNTIES.

Gensou SkyDrift will launch on the PC come December 12 for $23.99 USD.

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