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Your tax dollars at work.

Bohemia Interactive’s Mars exploration sim Take On Mars now offers pretty much all the terraforming you can handle with full Steam Workshop integration. That means modders and players will be able to mess about with new terrains, new vehicles and new scenarios in the game (as long as somebody makes them first in the title’s 3D editor.)

The developers have got the ball rolling by releasing a crater location and four-wheel drive buggy (complete with customisation options) to play around with. This example mod pack can be downloaded from the Workshop.

In addition, Bohemia is announcing a major update for Take On Mars which will add the moon of Deimos to the game and a Zero-G Probe vehicle designed, as the name suggests, for zero gravity environments. It’ll add some new features too, including ‘Dynamic Mission Generation’ which creates photo/exploration/analysis tasks around your location and an improved ‘Part Failure System’ that makes part malfunctions more reactive to player actions and weather conditions.

This Deimos update is scheduled for 3 October. It’ll be free, but follow its release Take On Mars will increase slightly in price to £12.00 GBP (from £9.00 GBP on Steam’s early access at present.)

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