Tekken 8 Trailer Marshall Law Muscles

The latest Tekken 8 character trailer just dropped, and once again, it showcases a familiar face. Specifically, it centers around Marshall Law, the Jeet Kune Do practitioner who made his debut appearance in the very first Tekken game. Appropriately, this trailer comes right after the one focused on Paul Phoenix, another series regular and a canonical friend of Law’s. Unlike Paul, though, Law has not shown up in every Tekken game, as both Tekken 3 and the first Tekken Tag Tournament replaced him with his son, Forest Law. Aside from those examples, Marshall Law has returned for every game since, and Tekken 8 continues this streak.

In this game, Law boasts a noticeably more muscular physique than in past entries. One of his animations even shows him flexing his muscles to the point where they look more cartoonishly huge than anything else. When compared to his appearance in Tekken 7, the visual upgrades in terms of both animations and fidelity become immediately apparent.

How does Marshall Law fight in his Tekken 8 trailer?

As for his gameplay, Law retains many of the moves that fans have grown accustomed to by this point, including his somersaults and one-inch punch. This time, however, Law has one more trick up his nonexistent sleeve in the form of his new dual nunchaku. In a few of the previous games, players could actually equip Law with nunchucks to use in battle, but Tekken 8 bakes them into a part of his core moveset. And as one would expect, he incorporates his nunchaku into his Rage Art, which ends with him stomping on his opponent in an extravagant fashion.

With the release of Marshall Law’s Tekken 8 trailer, Bandai Namco has gotten closer to showcasing all of the characters revealed so far. Hopefully, before too long, we will receive a new batch of trailers showing off characters we have not yet seen, including some potential newcomers.

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