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Marvel Heroes 2.1 Siege brings Ghost Rider

marvel heroes

Marvel Heroes has today received a pretty hefty game update which includes the new playable Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider wields his chains, fire and rides around on his bike. Thankfully Nicholas Cage is nowhere to be found in the game. That would be tragic.

The update also brings new mobs to take out and Asgard is also a huge public combat zone where players can join forces and take our Melekith.

  • Asgard Under Attack – Malekith and his dark army have besieged Asgard, resulting in a huge public combat zone allowing dozens of players to team up and battle Malekith, himself.
  •  Playable Ghost Rider – The Spirit of Vengeance roars into Marvel Heroes on his signature motorcycle armed with mystical chains and the power of hellfire.
  • Odin’s Throne Room – This multi-stage fight against Loki will test the mettle of even the strongest heroes.
  • The Most Powerful Enemies Yet – New enemy mobs including massive Kronan, Rock Trolls, and other formidable foes.
  •  Even More Story Content – The epic story of Marvel Heroes continues with brand-new story missions featuring fully-voiced motion comics.

A couple of trailers were also sent our way to show off the new stuff and there’s other changes to the game which can be found in the lengthy patch notes.