Marvel Heroes will close in two days not December – Gazillion staff let go

marvel heroes

Last week Gazillion announced that Disney was pulling the plug on their ARPG Marvel Heroes. The closure date was set for 31 December but that has now changed follow terminations today.

On the official Discord channel a message has been posted to say the closure date has been brought forward to 24 November, two days from now.

“I’m super sad to communicate to all of you that Marvel Heroes ex-developer Winterthur just told us that Marvel Heroes Omega servers will close before the announced date. The new date is 11/24, that’s two days for now.”

Not good news for anyone who was hoping to squeeze in some more time on the game and console players are still trying to get refunds on transactions due to the fact the game has only been out a few months. No official announcement has appeared from Gazillion and it’s unlikely to appear now as most people have gone away for Thanksgiving.

We have also heard that all Gazillion staff were let go today with all no severance or accrued paid time off. This was confirmed by Senior Software Engineer Andrew Hair previously at Gazillion.

Gazillion’s Brian Waggoner also confirmed that staff have been let go.

Simply put, all staff have been royally shafted financially.

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