Marvel Heroes

Some big news for Marvel Heroes players this evening as Gazillion revealed major changes to the way in which extra characters can be acquired from drops.

One of the major criticisms of the game has been the pricing of heroes from the shop and also the fact that Hero Tokens which gave players additional characters for free were extremely rare, even you had levelled right up.

Gazillion has decided to change the system, and instead of Hero Tokens, players will acquire Eternity Splinters which can be collected and then redeemed for additional heroes.

David Brevik outlined the changes as follows:

  1. Every enemy in the game will now have a chance to drop a new item called an Eternity Splinter.
  2. Players will be able to earn the exact hero they want using Eternity Splinters as currency.
  3. Enemies will have a much higher chance of dropping an individual Eternity Splinter than they did a hero token, making the process of collecting splinters (and therefore, heroes) much more consistent for players over time.
    For Example: If you spend an evening playing the game and collecting splinters, it’s very likely you’ll collect roughly the same amount of splinters the next evening.
  4. Eventually, by collecting splinters, every player can earn every hero for free.

As this is a new system, Gazillion are going to open a test server for players to test the new changes being made to the game. Eternity Splinters will only hit the live servers once they are thoroughly tested by the community according to Brevik.

Any criticism of the current game systems appears to have been taken onboard as Brevik commented:

“I believe it is worthwhile to make sacrifices in potential short-term sales to make the game more fun and less frustrating for players. I believe happy players will eventually invest in a game they enjoy, so our number one priority must be removing areas of frustration and devoting our resources into making the game fun.”

We can’t agree with Brevik more. Assuming the Eternity Splinters drop more frequently than the previous tokens this is extremely good news for players. It is incredibly frustrating to acquire a Hero Token only to discover it’s a character you’re not that interested in. At least with the new system you get to choose the character.

An FAQ has also been posted outlining a proposed pricing structure for new heroes and how the new currency will work.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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