June 20th, 2017

Marvel Heroes patch 1.11 vaguely dated, first new zone detailed

Marvel Heroes

If you’ve been playing Gazillion’s free-to-play superhero-themed Diablo MMO thing, Marvel Heroes, then you’ve probably already heard that they’ve been working on an Eternity Splinters system to let you unlock heroes of your choosing through gameplay. Well, that system might be coming soon! Or it might not. It’s hard to say.

Patch 1.11 is coming before the end of July (so within the next nine days, then) but the press release is so vaguely worded that I can’t tell if the Eternity Splinters system will be in there. See, patch 1.11 is listed as the “first major update” and “the beginning of a series of game updates coming this summer”… but there are no details on what’s in it, only on what those summer updates will contain in general.

Anyway: over the course of the summer we can expect the Eternity Splinters system, some Ultimate equipment that will power up the ultimate ability of each heroes, extra stuff to do once you finish the story in the form of more PvP and End Game content, and the Human Torch as a playable hero. They’ll presumably all be in before the end of August.

Autumn itself will see the launch of Marvel Heroes‘ first new zone: Asgard, the celestial home of Loki, Thor, and every other Norse deity that’s ever made an appearance in a Marvel comic. This will contain pretty much everything you’d expect in terms of new story, new PvE areas, new PvP and end game content, “and much more.”

Finally, Gazillion have proudly announced that Marvel Heroes now has 1.5 million registered users. Since the game was released to the public less than two months ago, I suppose that’s not bad going.

Update: Watch the Human Torch trailer

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