Marvel Snap: Best decks for Sokovia

Marvel Snap Best Decks For Sokovia

Like the Quantum Tunnel, Sokovia is a fictional location in the Marvel Universe. In Marvel Snap, it discards a card from both players’ hands. Naturally, decks that utilize discard effects are great when this location is revealed. Even within the discard archetype, there are many different decks you can play to utilize this location’s effect. Here are some of the best decks for the Sokovia location in Marvel Snap.

Best Marvel Snap decks for Sokovia location

The best Marvel Snap decks for the location include cards that want to be discarded in order to take advantage of Sokovia’s effect. Having the location discard a card for free can be very powerful if your deck is built to capitalize.

Series 1 Discard Deck

Marvel Snap Sokovia Best Decks Deck 1

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This deck is for new players who may not have access to all the cards yet. For players below collection level 214, this deck makes excellent use of the discard cards available in a swarm-style deck. If you are higher than collection level 214, consider using a more powerful deck with the other cards available to you.

This deck plays four key 1-cost cards: Blade, Squirrel Girl, Ant-Man and Nightcrawler. Blade discards a random card in your hand, providing direct synergy with discard payoffs in the deck. Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man are cheap cards that flood the board. Ant-Man also gains 3 power when there are three other cards at the location he is played. Nightcrawler is a utility card that can move into a location that you cannot access otherwise or to trick your opponent.

All these 1-cost cards gain 1 power when Kazar is in play, giving you a board-wide buff to the variety of 1-cost cards in this deck. Angela is another great card with all the 1-drops in the deck. She gains 2 power whenever a card is played at her location, letting you play out your 1-cost cards where she’s situated. Having Sentinel in the deck ensures that you always have a play to make, as he adds a copy of himself back in hand when played. America Chavez is part of this deck as a guaranteed turn-6 play in case you have no better options.

Lady Sif and Sword Master are important discard cards in this deck. Alongside Blade, their role is to discard Wolverine and Apocalypse, who have bonuses when discarded. Wolverine plays himself with 2 extra power when discarded, while Apocalypse remains in hand and gains 4 power when discarded. Sokovia also has a chance of discarding Wolverine or Apocalypse, making it a great Series 1 deck.

MODOK-Wong Combo Deck

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This is the best deck if you want to heavily lean into a variety of discard cards to maximize the benefit of the Sokovia location in Marvel Snap. Sunspot and Morbius are great early plays in this deck: Sunspot soaks up any unused energy through the game, in case you do not have any plays to make; Morbius gains 2 power every time a card is discarded, accumulating a lot of power by himself.

Swarm, Helicarrier, Apocalypse, and Wolverine are the cards that you want discarded from your hand because of the bonuses they give you. Helicarrier and Swarm adds cards to your hand when discarded, while Wolverine plays himself to a random location with +2 power. Apocalypse stays in your hand  and gains +4 power when discarded, making him a great high-power, turn-6 play if needed.

Colleen Wing’s purpose in this deck is for low-cost cards like Swarm or Wolverine, triggering their discard effects. Like the previous deck, Lady Sif and Sword Master are high-power cards that discard. The best discard target for Dracula is Apocalypse, gaining massive amounts of power at the end of the game.

The highlight of this deck, is the MODOK-Wong combo. MODOK discards all the cards in your hand, triggering all your discard payoffs. MODOK combined with Wong repeats this effect, triggering your discard payoffs twice. This combo grants insane amounts of power to Morbius, and fills your hand with 0-cost Swarms that you can play as you see fit. Playing cards that discard into Wong’s location lets you double up on their effects as well.

Moon Girl Stature Combo Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Sokovia Deck 3

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This is an incredibly powerful deck that includes some generally good cards alongside cards that discard from the opponent’s hand. The Hood and Sunspot give you great early plays that scale throughout the game, in case you you do not have cards to play later on.

Armor protects your cards from being destroyed and also restricts the strength of opposing destroy decks. Shang-Chi can destroy any enemy cards above 9 power, while Aero can move cards to the location she is played. These three cards provide a great disruptive and reactionary response to any deck you face.

These cards are complimented by Zabu, who reduces the cost of any 4-cost cards we play, and She-Hulk, a 10-power card that gets cheaper for every energy not spent the prior turn. Black Bolt and Moon Knight are in this deck to discard opponent’s cards. By doing this, you reduce the potential plays the opponent makes, while reducing the cost of Stature. Sokovia discards a card from both hands, activating Stature’s effect automatically and reducing her cost to 1. This cost reduction make Stature a phenomenal card, as she becomes a 1-cost, 7-power card.

The cost reduction activates our main combo with Moon Girl. We can duplicate any Demons, She-Hulks, or Statures in our hand, letting us play insane amounts of power on the last turn of the game. We can further bolster this combo by having played Shuri beforehand, who doubles the power of the next card we play. This lets us play out a 14-power Stature or 20-power She-Hulk, winning a location with a single card.

These are some of the best decks to play at the Sokovia location in Marvel Snap. Feel free to experiment with other discard cards and decks to make the most of Sokovia.

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