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Marvel’s Avengers‘ story is inarguably one of its best features. The tale of Kamala Khan, aka, Ms. Marvel, joining up with the Earth’s mightiest heroes and helping staunch the threat posed by AIM was highly enjoyable, especially for Kamala fans. However, there was no way to experience the game’s campaign a second (or third) time after initial completion. Sure, you could go back to the sandboxes and smash everything to bits, but sometimes you just want to watch AAA cutscenes and do quick-time events. Coming alongside the game’s release on current-gen consoles, fans will finally be able to re-experience the entire story once the March 18 update is available.

But don’t take our word for it. Andy Wong, the community manager for Marvel’s Avengers, had plenty to say during a recent livestream regarding the long-requested feature.

“This is something that we’ve been seeing over and over again on Twitter and socials and everything: ‘Can we replay the campaign? Can we replay the campaign?’ You can on the 18th,” Wong said. “You will keep everything you have. You keep XP, your gear, and everything, but you can replay the campaign from start to finish. And it’s something we’re really excited about.”


In HARM’s way

Marvel’s Avengers 1.5 update adds even more, too. Players will now be able to customize the battles in their HARM Room, the Avengers’ holographic combat training interface where the game sets its challenge missions. This change will allow players to set their own challenges including the types and numbers of foes they’ll be facing, in addition to various hazards that they’ll need to keep an eye on.

Both that and the campaign replay option will be joined by the all-new Hawkeye hero and their operation. This is not to be confused with the previous Hawkeye character the game delivered before. Why Crystal Dynamics decided to give us two Hawkeyes in a row I’ll never understand. But I’m not paid to think.

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