Marvel’s Avengers trailer highlights customization and more

Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer Game Features

Earlier this month we managed to get our greedy little mitts on Marvel’s Avengers. Our preview introduced Marvel hero and playable character Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. We also broke down Warzone missions, combat, and character customization. However, other than a few select screenshots, we couldn’t show you how these systems worked in the game. Today, we can. Publisher Square Enix has dropped a new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, which shows off customization, hero abilities, Warzone missions, and more.

The times are rough for the stunt doubles you play as in Marvel’s Avengers. Super heroes are outlawed, the Avengers are broken up, and Tony looks like the backup drummer for a grunge band. Things have been better. A new organization has taken control in the heroes’ absence: AIM, also known has Advance Ideas Mechanics. However, it becomes clear that AIM has something sketchy going on, and it’s up to Kamala Khan and the disheveled Avengers to band together and get punchy.

Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer Game Features Hulk

Which means The Hulk will be in his element.

Of course, we knew how to story played out from our preview, but the trailer today displays some of the features that haven’t been shown to the public yet. Character customization is a major feature of Marvel’s Avengers. With it, you can change your chosen hero’s looks with a variety of outfits.

Like last year’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers will include outfits for the heroes from across their entire comic book history. In the video, we see multiple outfits for Iron Man. The ones shown off include the Original Sin Armor, the Prototype Armor, and of course, the Iconic Armor which was influenced by the hero’s first appearance (built in a cave! With a box of scraps!).

Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer Game Features Iron Man Skins


Customize your gear

The video continues, showing off gear and abilities to equip and unlock. We see Iron Man once again front and center in the clip, with a set of Heroic Gear with varying stats to compare. Each piece of equipment appears colored by rarity. The video shows off equipment colors ranging from green to purple, the latter of which — by video game logic — is likely the most rare.

There are also heroic abilities to unlock during the course of the game. They are separated into four categories: Support, Assault, Ultimate, and Defense. In the video, the ability shown is the Smart Rockets, which allows Iron Man to fire a volley of seeking rockets at up to five enemies.

Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer Game Features Iron Man Gear

The gear may also have different manufacturers. Will we see Tony sport some Hammer tech?

The last section of the video demonstrates mission selection via the war table. Here, you can choose one of two mission types: story and warzone. The former is, of course, missions that continue the game’s story, allowing you to play as specific heroes. Warzone missions, however, can be played by yourself or with up to three others online. These missions still have a stake in the story, and each player’s progress is shared. During these missions, you can only play as a select Avenger, which means you can’t have four players as Iron Man traipsing around like a neo-future barber shop quartet. Sadly.

Marvel’s Avengers is still quite a ways away, but it’s nice to get some of the details ironed out early. So far, the game is looking fairly decent, discounting face models. The game will “hero land” onto PC on May 15, 2020.

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