Marvel Avengers Update Xp Grind

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Avengers isn’t exactly the massive hit Square Enix expected it to be. The game has suffered from every negative quality a live-service title comes with. Despite having a worthwhile campaign, Marvel’s Avengers‘ endgame leaves a lot to be desired. It’s entirely loot-based and requires a lot of grinding. Well, at least for now. Soon, players will have to grind even more. The next update for Marvel’s Avengers, slated to land on March 18, will revamp its XP system, requiring even more grinding to level heroes up.

A post on the game’s upcoming update detailed what these changes are and exactly why they’re needed. According to developer Crystal Dynamics, there are two main issues with the XP curve of Marvel’s Avengers right now. First off, it’s a straight line, not really a curve. This means players level up quite fast in the game, which brings us to the second issue. Crystal Dynamics fears that leveling up too fast may “be confusing and overwhelming to new players.” To remedy both of these issues, Marvel’s Avengers will soon require more XP to level up your characters.


Starting at level 25, the amount of XP needed to level up will gradually increase, all the way until the game’s current level cap of 50. The developer also makes a point to say that anyone who wants to speedily level up their characters should do so before this update arrives. It’s almost like they know that some folks aren’t exactly confused or overwhelmed by quick leveling and quite enjoy it. Or at least, they don’t like grinding XP in repetitive missions.

Cosmetic changes

This upcoming update also reworks another major part of Marvel’s Avengers, its cosmetics. Crystal Dynamics is changing how players get certain costumes and nameplates “with the goal of providing more player agency and clarity.” Essentially, this means that there will be less randomness when it comes to getting cosmetics. Leading up to the update, players will find that random cosmetic drops are disabled. It’s not clear if strongboxes are also being changed in some way.

Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye

However, the focus here will be the game’s cosmetic vendor, Chastity. Her store will stay open for business while it’s being reworked. A full list of the store’s inventory can be found here, along with the rest of the changes coming in the next update for Marvel’s Avengers.

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