Guardians Of The Galaxy Pc Game Pass March 2022 Feat

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is entering PC Game Pass next week. This news is no doubt welcome to those who held off following the Avengers flub. The former game is likely the best Marvel-branded game on PC today, easily eclipsing its rival. It is arguably the highlight of PC Game Pass for March 2022, but I mean arguably. We’re also getting the enjoyable Far: Changing Tides, as well as the upcoming (and promising) Young Souls.

And I haven’t even mentioned the others. Opening up March, we’re getting five games on PC Game Pass — with Guardians of the Galaxy not even at the starting line. The first to join the service this month is Far: Changing Tides, which is playable starting today. I was able to review the game, and I found it to be a game of calm and melancholy. Like its predecessor, Lone Sails, you travel on a massive vehicle of which you must upgrade and maintain on your journey.


We’ll have more games starting in a couple days. It cracks off on March 3 with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, finally leaving the confines of Steam. Kentucky Route Zero and Lawn Mowing Simulator both enter the service on March 10. On the same day, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will show up on PC Game Pass, along with Young Souls. And you know what? I’m pretty excited about both. I’ve been meaning to get around to Guardians, and Young Souls looks like a beat ’em up I’d enjoy.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Pc Game Pass March 2022 List

Wait, Nier: Automata was on Game Pass?

With all the games currently on Microsoft’s subscription service, you tend to forget which are included. I guess that happened for me with Nier: Automata. And, unfortunately, if you too have forgotten, then you have until March 15 to play it. 2B and her cohorts are leaving PC Game Pass on that day, and they won’t go alone. Phogs!, Torchlight III, and The Surge 2 are also leaving.

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