Marvel's Midnight Suns Hunter Best Cards Best Build Guide
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Best Hunter cards and build guide

Hurt or heal?

The Hunter is an original character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. As the person controlled by the player, it’s up to you on how they’ll fare as part of a group. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hunter build guide to help you with the best cards and abilities for the character.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Hunter cards and build guide

The Flex Master

The Hunter in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is unique in that they have a large selection pool of abilities. Due to the Light and Dark Alignment mechanic, you’ll have everything from healing spells and buffs to brutal moves that deal massive damage. In a way, your team comp will be determined by whoever is the required squadmate. The Hunter merely has the flex role, and you’ll adapt your kit based on what the group needs.

  • Passive #1: Combat Suits – While other heroes in the game have combat suits that are purely cosmetic, the Hunter’s own armors provide different passive buffs. There are a variety of ways to obtain these, such as through research, campaign progression, collectibles/exploration, and alignment.
  • Passive #2: Collars – Collars are acquired if you focus on the Light or Dark alignment. They grant a bonus ability card if you play the same alignment type a number of times in battle. For instance, reaching roughly 60 Light will give you the Paragon Collar. If selected, you can play five Light cards and the next one will be free to use.

Note: You still receive most Hunter cards regardless of alignment, so you’re free to mix and match accordingly, or to focus on a specific branch if you want to make the most out of the Collar’s perk.

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Best Hunter Attack Cards

  • Quick Slash+
    • Knockback and Quick
    • Regardless of your other Attack Cards, Quick Slash+ becomes your bread-and-butter due to knockbacks that can negate the use of card plays if you manage to take out a foe.
  • Morning Star+
    • Grants X damage to all Morning Star cards (up to a maximum value).
    • Technically, you can count Morning Star as a separate Hunter build in its own right. Its “X damage” is 50% of the stat, and the maximum value is double that. Assuming you continue buffing this card, you can greatly increase its DPS.
  • Merciless+
    • If target has Stun or Blind, deal X damage.
    • You can either use abilities that cause these status effects, mods that can proc them, or environmental effects. These can help set up the ultra-vicious slice from Merciless.

Best Hunter Skill Cards

  • Heal+
    • Restore a target’s HP; if overhealed, draw two cards.
    • The Hunter’s healing skill will serve you well throughout most of the campaign, especially since replenishing someone’s HP over the max amount will grant you two extra cards.
  • Call to Arms+
    • Doubles all Heroism gains for one turn; Free use.
    • Call to Arms+ can be considered as one of the best Hunter cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns simply because of its viability in a fight. You can pop it without using a Card Play, and you’d quickly amass a lot of Heroism from other actions.
  • Wrath+
    • Give Hunter cards Critical; all Hunter cards are Critical when drawn in the next two turns.
    • Wrath pretty much makes your abilities deadlier since they’re guaranteed to crit regardless of your stat.
  • Mindbender+
    • Target an enemy to make them attack their nearest ally twice; Exhaust.
    • Mindbender lets your foes take out their pals, and it can also be applied to bosses.
  • Holy Gift+
    • The next hero card played is not discarded; Exhaust.
    • The basic version of this only affects Hunter cards, but the upgraded version affects all hero cards (i.e., the next one you use after this). Now, think of all abilities that have the Exhaust effect, and you can imagine the possibilities. This allows you to recast some ridiculous skills and even Legendary Cards.
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Best Hunter Heroic Cards

  • Patience+
    • Decreases Heroism cost for every turn that it’s in your hand; Exhaust.
    • Patience has one of the highest damage stats in the game, increased further once you’ve upgraded it via a duplicate. If you can manage to lower its Heroism cost (or get enough a lot earlier via Call to Arms), then you can one-shot bosses with ease.
  • Inspire+
    • Change the cost of a random Heroic card to zero; Free.
    • This can be a lifesaver at the right moment. With it, something costly such as Patience can be cast with no Heroism used up. It makes it so that you can spend the resource on other actions.
  • Mindbreaker+
    • Target an enemy to give them three instances of Berserk.
    • This is similar to Mindbender, except Berserk will make them attack friend and foe. Ideally, you’ll want to pop this on a target that has spawned close to other hostiles.
  • Holy Burst+
    • AoE healing and damage; increased AoE.
    • Select an area and activate this. The enemies within this spot will get hit, while your buddies will have their HP restored.

Legendary Cards (Heroic Cards)

  • Bladestorm+
    • Damage and Forceful Knockback on each enemy in an area; draw a card for each KO.
    • Bladestorm is great for crowd-clearing since you can rip apart mobs and push them toward obstacles and hazards.
    • You’ll get the Challenge Mission once you’ve built the Armory. Complete the Hunter’s puzzle encounter to receive this ability.
    • The Challenge Mission is always available regardless of your Light and Dark Alignment.
  • Summon Charlie+
    • Summons Charlie for three turns; draw two Charlie cards (Bite+ and Howl+); Exhaust.
      • Bite+ – Deals damage; Knockback, draw a card when an enemy is KO’d.
      • Howl+ – Apply 2 Marked to enemies in an area; increased AoE field.
    • You’ll get this once you’ve maxed out your Light alignment. Basically, you’ll have Charlie with you in regular battles, complete with Card Play refreshes via Marked and free draws if you kill something with Bite+.
  • Annihilation+
    • Consumes all Heroism to damage enemies in an area; 57 damage per Heroism; Exhaust.
    • Think of this as akin to Doctor Strange’s perks where the DPS is scaled based on Heroism. This is one nuke that can quickly clear the battlefield.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Hunter build summary

  • Use the Hunter to adapt to your group’s needs (i.e., flex slot), instead of building a group based on your specialization. For instance, if you need a support character in your party, make sure you’ve got Heal in your deck.
  • Have Quick Slash to refund your actions via kills. Use Merciless only if you have a reliable way of stunning or blinding opponents.
  • Pop Call to Arms early if it shows up in your hand so you can have a ton of Heroism. You might even be able to use Patience early, or have a lot saved up for Annihilation.
  • Alternatively, pop Inspire in case there’s a card that costs a lot of Heroism. By removing the cost, you can unleash a devastating power a lot sooner.
  • Mindbender and Mindbreaker are gimmicky cards, but they’re okay for storyline boss fights or if you end up getting invaded by a Fallen boss. Mindbender may also completely remove a shield from a tanky/protector-type target, so you can beeline for the object/unit that they’re defending.
  • Bladestorm is your go-to Legendary Card since you can obtain it regardless of your alignment.
  • Activate Holy Gift before you use an ability that has the “Exhaust” trait so you can recast it.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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