Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Deadpool best cards and skills guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns Deadpool Best Cards Abilities Skills Guide
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Deadpool can become part of your squad in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He likes to break the fourth wall, and maybe a few bones as well. In doing so, you’d make use of his unique mechanic. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Deadpool best cards guide to help you with the ideal skills and abilities for the character.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Deadpool cards and abilities guide

The Merc and his Perk

Before we discuss the best Deadpool cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, let’s talk about his passives and unique mechanics:

  • En Fuego – Deadpool has a unique meter that slowly builds up when he uses cards to KO enemies. Here are some other tidbits:
    • One exception to this rule is All Together Now (more on this later).
    • Shove KOs and kills via objects in the environment don’t affect the meter as far as I can tell.
    • Once the meter is full, he gains an En Fuego stack, which gives certain boosts to various cards.
    • The stack increases are counted per card play, even if multiple opponents are eliminated via a single attack. The KOs needed per stack are: 1/2/2/3/4 (maxed).
    • Deadpool loses an En Fuego stack whenever he takes damage from an attack.
  • Staying Alive – Similar to Wolverine (since the two have Healing Factor), Deadpool is also able to passively regenerate HP. The difference here is that he regens a percentage at the start of each turn, with an additional amount based on the number of En Fuego stacks.

Best Deadpool Attack Cards

  • Quick Shot+
    • Upgraded: Quick; if the target is KO’d, chain to another target (maximum of two targets).
    • En Fuego Bonus: N/A
    • Notes: This is one of the best Deadpool cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In a game where combat is reliant on regaining your card plays, quick is often the ideal perk to have.
  • Boom Headshot+
    • Upgraded: Increased damage based on offense.
    • En Fuego Bonus: Additional Heroism.
    • Notes: The reason you’ll likely want this in your deck is because of the slightly higher damage. It would be great if you can get a mod that increases DPS or adds a card draw.
  • Overpowered+
    • Upgraded: Forceful Knockback.
    • En Fuego Bonus: Additional damage.
    • Notes: Another great ability to have due to Forceful Knockback. It might be significantly better than Boom Headshot if you could kick enemies into obstacles or explosives.
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Best Deadpool Skill Cards

  • All Together Now+
    • Upgraded: Draw +1 card; the next two ally abilities count toward your En Fuego meter.
    • En Fuego Bonus: Additional cards drawn.
    • Notes: This is easily the best Deadpool card in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as it’s an amazing skill. Not only do you gain a card (or other traits if you add a mod), but you also allow teammates to increase En Fuego stacks. Think of this as akin to Spider-Man’s Opportunist in that you’ll want it to appear in your hand at the start of the battle.

Best Deadpool Heroic Cards

  • Pain Piñata+
    • Upgraded: Damage each enemy in an area; lowers Heroism cost to +1 point.
    • En Fuego Bonus: +25% AoE radius per stack.
    • Notes: You don’t really have much of a choice when it comes to Heroic Cards, and you’d probably keep this for a while until you eventually acquire his Legendary. To be clear, though, the radius is quite small by default. Additionally, the AoE increase via mods isn’t that significant. You can see a comparison in the two images below. The left-side image has a +area radius mod but no En Fuego, while the right-side image has two stacks. You’re better off finding a “Marked” mod for this so you can do an AoE debuff.
  • Mag Dump+
    • Upgraded: Greatly increased damage based on offense; +1 Heroism cost.
    • En Fuego Bonus: -1 Heroism cost per stack.
    • Notes: The first reason why you’ll want this ability is due to the high damage output. The second is the possibility of lowered costs if you’ve amassed enough En Fuego, or if a teammate used a particular skill (i.e., Hunter’s Inspire or Nico Minoru’s Empower). Lastly, I know that its mod can roll with “Quick,” which I haven’t seen in other cards. Heck, I haven’t even seen a single “Free” perk.
  • Burning Sensation+ (Legendary/Heroic)
    • Upgraded: Increased damage based on offense; Exhaust.
    • En Fuego Bonus: Doubles the damage per stack.
    • Notes: It has a fairly low Heroism cost, and it will do a ton of damage if you’ve built up your En Fuego stacks.

Note: Legendary Cards are obtained by building the Armory. You’ll also want to max out Deadpool’s Friendship Level by way of ideal gifts and hangouts. Only then will you be able to start the Fourth Wall challenge.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns best Deadpool build summary

  • To be clear, the best Deadpool cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are those that either roll with “Quick” or can make the most out of En Fuego. That’s where Quick Shot and All Together Now come in.
  • All Together Now is an absolute necessity at the beginning of an encounter. It ensures that you can do perfect setups with your teammates while increasing the En Fuego meter. Without it, Deadpool will lag behind, and the En Fuego mechanic would be next to useless.
  • You should have four Attack Cards in your deck considering that Deadpool still needs to get kills, assuming you can’t pop All Together Now.
  • If possible, try to get the “Quick” mod on your Mag Dump card.
  • Pain Piñata is best used as an AoE debuffer ability (i.e., Marked).
  • Ideal teammates include the Hunter, Hulk, and Ghost Rider (anyone who hits really hard) so they can generate En Fuego points via All Together Now. Doctor Strange is also great for Agamotto usage. Characters that can taunt are also viable, since they can take aggro from enemies to prevent Deadpool from getting hit (causing him to lose an En Fuego stack).
  • You should avoid bringing characters that are heavily reliant on power build-up via cards or redraws (i.e., Iron Man and Captain Marvel).
  • Last but not the least, Deadpool can really be very underwhelming. His DPS output isn’t as high as other characters (i.e., Hulk, Hunter, Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider, or Iron Man). Moreover, he doesn’t have a user-friendly setup (i.e., Doctor Strange or Magik). And, of course, his over-reliance on his En Fuego mechanic doesn’t usually lead to powerful, game-changing effects. He’s gimmicky and a little bit annoying, just like the comic book character.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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