Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hunter Light and Dark Alignment guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns Hunter Light Dark Alignment Collars
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The Hunter is an original character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Think of this person as a blank slate, where their decisions are entirely up to you. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hunter Alignment guide to help you in choosing between Light and Dark abilities.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hunter Light and Dark Alignment guide

What affects Affinity

The Hunter Light and Dark Alignment in Marvel’s Midnight Suns isn’t necessarily a choice between good or evil. Considering that the demoness Lilith and various supervillains are against you, it would be hard to imagine the player character as a rampaging destroyer. Instead, it’s simply a feature that lets you build and roleplay as the Hunter as you see fit. Here’s what affects this system:

  • Conversations and Help Requests – You’ll notice the Light and Dark symbols pop up in some dialogue responses. Likewise, these options are presented when you talk to characters with an active help request. Your decision here grants a stat boost.
  • Ability usage – During combat, your Affinity can be increased by using cards that have the Light or Dark symbol.

Note: You can see your Hunter’s current alignment value by opening the menu and mousing over that character, or checking the Profile screen.

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Light, Dark, and Power

Speaking of abilities, Light and Dark present their own selections, some of which share similarities:

  • Light has straightforward support abilities with some stuff for offense. Dark has offensive and support skills that are akin to Light, but with a slight twist.
    • One example is Heal (Light), which simply restores a target’s HP. Conversely, there’s Dark Heal (Dark), which fully replenishes a target’s HP while depleting your own.
    • There’s also Bands of Fire (Light), which deals 25+ damage and a knockback effect in any direction. Alternatively, there’s Whip, which has a forceful knockback in any direction, but it also discards a random card.
    • Still, there are other abilities that are more unique, hence having no counterparts.
  • Power is considered as the third branch, and it simply means that you tried to find a balance between the two. You can go this route if you want a healthy combination of both Light and Dark cards in your deck.
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Legendary Cards and Suits

The Hunter is unique in that they can get three Legendary Cards in the game, two of which are tied to the alignment system:

  • Bladestorm – The Power or default Legendary Card for the Hunter is called Bladestorm. You can obtain it via an Armory Challenge Mission. The quest will always be available regardless of your current alignment. In fact, you can still get the other legendaries for Light and Dark.
  • Summon Charlie – This is the card given to you once you’ve reached 100 Light alignment.
  • Annihilation – This is the card given to you once you’ve reached 100 Dark alignment.

Here are some additional cool tidbits:

  • Once you hit 150 Light/Dark alignment, you’ll unlock that alignment’s Legendary outfit.
  • If you manage to hit 200 points or the maximum threshold of a particular alignment, you’ll receive a copy of that branch’s Legendary card. This duplicate allows you to turn it into the upgraded version.
  • You can focus solely on one alignment and still receive the other legendary. For instance, I went with Light, and I still received Annihilation a bit later in the campaign. This card came from a secret altar that’s only accessible once you have all the Words of Power.
  • Bladestorm is the only Legendary whose duplicate can be crafted via the Forge. As mentioned, both the Summon Charlie and Annihilation duplicates require maxing out their respective alignment values.
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You’ll obtain new Collars at certain thresholds of the Hunter Light and Dark Alignment in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Think of these as the Hunter’s passives — if your teammates have passives that are boosted via Friendship levels, then the Hunter’s mechanic is tied to your affinity decisions.

For instance, the Ivory Collar (Light) has an effect that prevents a Hunter’s attack card from being discarded upon use. However, to get this, you’ll need to play three Light cards first. There’s also the Paragon Collar, which requires you to play five Light cards so that the next one is free to use.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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