Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to beat Scarlet Witch boss battle guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns How To Beat Fallen Scarlet Witch Boss Guide
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Fallen Scarlet Witch is one of the major recurring villains you’ll face in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Her powerful spells can confuse your allies, and her hexes can even cause you to lose your own abilities. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Fallen Scarlet Witch boss guide to help you defeat this particular opponent.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns boss guide – How to beat Fallen Scarlet Witch

Similar to other major foes, the Fallen Scarlet Witch boss in Marvel’s Midnight Suns does show up several times throughout the course of the campaign. Her first appearance is during the Sneaking Out mission. In some story missions, you need to deplete her HP bar a couple of times just to finish the encounter. However, if she appears as reinforcements in general/side missions, then you only need to KO her once. Here are the abilities you need to watch out for:

  • Leylines – Leylines tend to appear on the ground depending on the map, though they tend to be fairly common whenever you’re facing Scarlet Witch. Any unit that steps on or hits these markings/gashes will cause an explosion.
  • Hex – Attacks made against Scarlet Witch (including AoEs and knockbacks) will trigger an effect that removes on of the hero’s cards.
  • Mind Control – Scarlet Witch can addle the mind of one of your characters, causing them to attack both allies and enemies, or run around aimlessly. This can be cured or you can just wait for the turn to elapse.
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To beat Fallen Scarlet Witch in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll have to think of the powers you’ll use during the encounter because of the Hex. For instance, let’s say the Hunter only has Quick Slash and Patience (and you still need one point of Heroism to use it). Assuming you pop Quick Slash to knockback a minion into Scarlet Witch, that will make her remove Patience from your hand. As such, the idea is to either sacrifice certain cards from other heroes that can deal a bit more damage or casting spells that won’t hit her, until such time you have an ability that can land the finishing blow.

In a later mission called Skin Deep, you’ll finally have a chance to cleanse the corruption that’s been plaguing her. However, she’s got infinite lives (i.e., she’ll be fully restored even after being KO’d once the turn ends). The only way to complete the objective is by using the Absorb Darkness card. It’s a Free action, but it also damages the Hunter and applies a debuff (which can be rerolled).

Ideally, you’ll want to save your strongest hits to fully deplete her HP, and then follow up with Absorb Darkness, making sure the Hunter stays alive or gets cured of her affliction. Do this three times, and you’ll be done with the encounter. This will finally unlock Scarlet Witch as a permanent member of your roster.

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