How to unlock Words of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvels Midnight Suns Unlock Words Of Power Guide
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has four Words of Power that you can acquire. These are spells that can be used in the Abbey Grounds, allowing you to bypass or remove obstacles and aid your thorough exploration of the area. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide to help you unlock all the Words of Power in the game.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide – How to unlock all Words of Power in the Abbey Grounds

The Words of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are all part of a narrative arc in the Abbey Grounds, namely the backstory of Agatha Harkness, Caretaker, and Lilith. They’re also tied to the Moon Seals that you obtain. With these, you’ll need to complete trials/challenge encounters, whereupon the object has to be placed on a plinth. Doing so unlocks each Word of Power, subsequently giving you the means that will let you explore new areas.

Below, you’ll see the location of each Blood Gate trial encounter, as well as the Word of Power that gets unlocked. We also add some tidbits on what you need to do to get the Moon Seals, though we have more details linked in separate guides.

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Word of Power #1: Open and the Tutorial Challenge

The first Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is obtained early in the game. While exploring the Abbey Grounds, you’ll come across a statue of Agatha Harkness. Her spirit will materialize, and she’ll lead you to a Blood Gate. Think of this as a tutorial, since the only characters you control are the Hunter and Charlie the Dog. The goals are simple:

  • Survive a set number of turns.
  • Kill the required number of enemies.

The Hunter’s cards are based on what you have in your deck. As for Charlie, she has the following abilities:

  • Bite – Single-target damage; draw card on KO; Knockback (upgraded version).
  • Maul – Single-target damage; apply Vulnerable.
  • Howl – AoE-wide Marked debuff (i.e., enemies that get killed while Marked will refund your Card Play).

The idea is to pop Howl on your first turn to debuff as many enemies as possible. Then, use Charlie’s Bite attack to draw additional cards, or use the Hunter’s own moves.

In any case, finishing this encounter lets you explore the cave. You’ll find the Moon Seal there, which you can place on a plinth to receive the Open Word of Power. It removes illusory walls and doors that block your path.

Word of Power #2: Reveal

With your new spell, you’ll be able to enter the area that leads to Agatha’s Altar (which pops up as an objective). There, you’ll have to collect the four Elemental Rods. After getting all of them, you’ll receive the second Moon Seal. You’ll have to head to another Blood Gate where a challenge awaits. The key difference this time is that you’ll battle ogre-type mobs that aggro the last character that attacked them.

Once you’ve cleared the encounter, place the Moon Seal on the plinth to receive the Reveal Word of Power. This shows you the true nature of your surroundings, such as causing bridges to get repaired or making quest items spawn.

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Word of Power #3: Purify

The Reveal Word of Power will let you explore further north. You’ll reach a spooky area, with a key objective in the Hiram Shaw Church. There are a lot of objectives here, so you can check our Hiram Church Puzzle/Stained Soil guide if you need help.

Once you have the Moon Seal, prepare for another trial. The new enemies here are able to split themselves up, as well as other mobs. Because you need to kill a certain number of enemies to succeed, you’ll actually want to ensure that some of them can create their own copies. Taking out their duplicates will also add to your tally.

Anyway, once you’ve beaten your foes, you can obtain the Purify Word of Power from the Altar. It removes large vines that act as obstacles.

Word of Power #4: Break

As you reach the northwestern section of the map, you’ll discover the Garden of Envy and Lilith’s Garden. Here, you’ll have to acquire the three Moon Seal Fragments. For the trial, you’ll notice unique soulbound enemies.

You must kill all soulbound enemies on the same turn. If you fail to do so, they’d revive at full health. As such, the idea is to whittle down their HP without actually killing them. The only time you should take them out is when you’ve got a decent nuke (i.e., if you have the Hunter’s Bladestorm).

With this part done, you’ll be able to grab the Break spell, the last Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This lets you destroy damaged walls and cracked rock formations. There’s one in Lilith’s Garden, which gives you access to the basement.

Down below, you’ll have a chat with Caretaker about the true nature of Lilith’s corruption. Moreover, you’ll receive some nifty rewards:

  • Legendary Card – The Bladestorm card is your main reward from the Hunter’s Legendary Challenge. Two others, meanwhile, are obtained depending on your Light and Dark Alignment. By the time I reached this area, I already had Bladestorm and Summon Charlie (i.e., 100 Light Alignment). So, upon interacting with the altar, I ended up receiving the Annihilation card (i.e., the reward for reaching 100 Dark Alignment).
  • A couple of Legendary Arcane Chests will spawn – One chest has the Ancestral combat outfit. The other has a legendary blueprint.
  • Additionally, the breakable wall at the back of the room has a glyph combination that you can use for the Standing Stones puzzle.
  • Last but not least, having all the Words of Power makes the entire Abbey Grounds explorable. As such, you’ll be able to collect all 22 Tarot Cards for the Salem combat outfit and passive.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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