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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC Port Report — There’s snow now

Same old song and dance

The PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is here to join its big brother. You’ll no doubt be shocked to learn that the game looks and plays exactly like the original. I mean, it’s got the same city, the same engine, and all that jazz. You probably weren’t expecting a world of difference. Like the base game, the spin-off is a good port with the exact same performance. Again, that means the game is fairly processor-intensive, so if you’re using a crummy CPU, you’re probably not going to get high fps in the city itself.

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I didn’t have a single crash and experienced no hitches or anything weird. I know, I know, some things are hard to mess up. But we’ve got more Spider-Man and that’s obviously a good thing. The biggest difference is that Sony is experimenting a bit with just how willing you are to get wrapped up in the web of account connections. You can choose to connect a PSN account to your Steam account for some little bonuses. Namely, two skill points and early unlocks of a couple of costumes. I actually appreciate the latter, since the initial Great Responsibility costume you get at the beginning of the game is just butt-ugly. Let’s look at the menus.

I’m on a train

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Like other Sony games, you must have at least some data collection to play Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. I’d say we should be grateful that we at least have the option to set it to limited instead of full, but no we shouldn’t. You can also choose for the game to have its launcher show up each time you boot it. I’m not sure why Sony keeps including this feature as absolutely everything is available in-game, but whatever.

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Nvidia Reflex and multiple upscaling methods are available. Dynamic resolution scaling makes a repeat performance and is automatically set to off because give me resolution or give me death!


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Ray tracing comes back too, but it would have been a nasty surprise for it to have been in the main game but not here.

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You can turn off all those things that most of us hate. Chromatic aberration, vignettes, motion blur, and film grain are all on by default. Why do people keep including these things? Why are they under the impression that we don’t like being able to see?! Who plays a game about swinging through an open-world and goes, “y’know, this just isn’t grainy enough for my tastes”? Nobody, that’s who.

And there you have it, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a PC port that’s just like the PC port of the main game. Save for the account connection bonuses, unless I’m forgetting something. Now, all we have to do is sit back and live in fear of the time when Sony announces games must be accessed through a proprietary launcher. The good times will certainly be over.

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