Mass Effect 2 DLC Due Today

Mass Effect 2’s ‘Equalizer Pack’ DLC will be available from 4 May, according to the game’s own site.The pack will give Shepard access to the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor, and Inferno Armor. But what, you cry, do these wacky contraptions do?Bioware has helpfully provided the answer to that question. It seems the fancy headgear will reduce recharge times for Shepard’s shields and powers, while the Inferno Armor makes him a bit nippier in combat and bestows handy damage bonuses.If you fancy getting hold of these gadgets, the DLC will set you back 160 MS Points or 160 Bioware Points for Xbox 360 and PC respectively.For those of you confused by moon money, that’s around £1.35 GBP.

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