Mass Effect 2 DLC Hits PC, Definitely On 360

The Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect has been released on both PC and 360.If you want to try out the new DLC, which takes Commander Shepard to a secret Alliance space station containing a number of combat challenges and tournaments spread across around three hours of gameplay, then head over to the EA Store.On PC it’ll cost you £3.99 GBP via the EA Store, while on 360 it’ll cost you a mere 400 Microsoft Points.If you haven’t picked up Mass Effect yet, it’s currently available for digital download on the EA Store for £9.99 GBP, which we feel is a pretty good price for a solid game, which we’ve learned has also been patched up with a load of bug fixes over the past few days. Hurrah!And of course, f you’re a Mass Effect fan, then you’ll definitely want to check out our recent hands-on with the impressive-looking Mass Effect 2.