Mass Effect 2 Illusive Man Update

Bioware continue the influx of Mass Effect 2 media and info with an update for the ‘Illusive Man’ character.New screenshots posted by Bioware are also accompanied by a character profile update on the official website where the ‘Illusive Man’ is described as :Mysterious and powerful, the Illusive Man commands Cerberus, a secretive pro-human organization dedicated to protecting mankind’s interests in the galaxy. He believes the ends justify the means, at any cost. Nothing is more important than ensuring not only humanity’s survival in the galaxy, but also its dominance. To combat the new Collector threat, the Illusive Man recruits Commander Shepard and gives him the tools to build the team needed to save mankind. Is there something behind his altruistic façade, and more importantly can Shepard trust the Illusive Man? Can Sheppard trust him? We’ll find out soon enough when the game is released on the 29th of this month. Not long now!

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