Mass Effect 2 Media Shows Adept Class, Returning Character

A new set of Mass Effect 2 screenshots show off some Adept powers and returning support character Tali.Adepts use biotic powers to rip apart enemies without firing a shot, while Tali – a Quarian Machinist – is more capable at hacking, decryption, electronics, and, er, shotguns.Judging by the trailers, which we’ll have up for you shortly, Adepts have been beefed up considerably. Expect to be able to curve your powers around corners, or even to aim and angle them precisely in order to knock enemies off a ledge.Tali, on the other hand – well, the reasons behind her reappearance would be spoiling things. Check out the screenshots below and jump to our TV section for the trailers if you really, really want to know what’s going on with everyone’s favourite Quarian.You can also check out our interview with BioWare big wig Dr. Ray Muzyka and Adrien Cho in our IGTV exclusive.

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