Details have emerged from ComicCon about a date for Mass Effect 3’s next slice of single player DLC, ‘Omega’. A fan interview with producer Mike Gamble (since made private on youtube) included details about the DLC and a release date of 27 November.

We’ve known for a while that a DLC based around the re-taking of the Omega Station with the help of Aria T’loak (possibly with T’loak as a squadmate, though this is not confirmed) would be forthcoming. It was even confirmed last month by BioWare general manager Aaron Flynn.

Gamble stated that Omega would be roughly double the size of any previous Mass Effect 3 single player DLC, and mentioned the introduction of a female Turian character.

It’s likely to be 1200 MS Points ($15 USD), as a reflection of its larger size.

The new (and free) multiplayer DLC, Retaliation, was released earlier this week and added playable Volus characters.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps detailed [Images]

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