Mass Effect: Andromeda 10 hour demo released on Origin

Mass Effect: Andromeda 10 hour demo released on Origin

In an effort to squeeze just a few more sales out of the under-performing Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA have sanctioned a free 10 hour trial for the game. It’s available through Origin on PC right now.

Effectively, it’s the same as the ‘early access’ trial people with Origin Access subscriptions were able to play prior to release. No restrictions on what you can do (Mass Effect: Andromeda single and multiplayer are both included), besides the fact that it’ll stop working after you’ve played for ten hours. The demo is available until 1 November 2017.

As you’d imagine, if you decide you like the game then all progression can be carried over to a purchased copy. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been as low as $20 USD in the US within this very month, so you probably wouldn’t have to wait too long for a deal. Here’s a trailer for the free trial, because everything has to have a trailer.

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  • Comments: 9
    • Brek Brekek

      incredible awful, cheap crap.. uninstalled after 2.5 hours.. thank me later

    • Brek Brekek

      incredibly awful, cheap crap.. uninstalled after 3 hours.. thank me later

      • Paul Younger

        10/10 then? 😉

        • Brek Brekek

          yes indeed, 10/10 would play again. PCG

    • rochyroch

      I’ve been playing over the weekend, i was surprised i’m enjoying it.

    • Mooki

      Not even when its free , thnx.

      To much SJW

    • waswat

      Nice, but isn’t it gonna be just the first tutorial planet basically?

      • Brek Brekek

        no, game seems fully unlocked.. just those 10 hours limit.. didn’t make it past first big hub, though..

        • waswat

          Ah yeah i thought the first planet would be the first ten hours in it; guess it’s a bit more than that then. Thanks.