Mass Effect: Andromeda

Since nabbing it as ‘N7 Day’, BioWare tends to release Mass Effect-related information on 7 November. Today is no exception, as the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a ‘cinematic’ trailer (below).

Those hoping for more actual gameplay (there was a bit in the technical walkthrough from Sony’s show earlier in the year) will have to wait until December. The small-print at the conclusion of this video says there’ll be gameplay from Mass Effect: Andromeda shown at ‘The Game Awards’ on 1 December.

Until then, you’ve got some teaser-ey cinematic stuff showing the Ryders (Man Ryder and Lady Ryder) learning the valuable lesson that exploring the outer reaches of space is quite perilous. Mass Effect: Andromeda is slated for a spring 2017 release.

The ‘Andromeda Initiative Orientation’ has also begun, and contains a bit more information about the game.


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