Mass Effect: Andromeda Origin Access early access trial now live

Mass Effect: Andromeda Origin Access early access trial now live

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the big release this month and gamers can make a start right now as part of the Origin Access scheme.

The trial of Mass Effect: Andromeda is available right now to start playing which is a little earlier than expected. Signing up grants players 10 hours of action well in advance of the 21 March release date. This includes the single-player campaign to a certain extent and the game’s multiplayer. All progress will carry over when the game launches on 21 March and it’s a whopping 43.7 Gb to download.

As of writing, it should be available in all regions and it’s not the first time EA has launched one of these early, it happened with Battlefield 1.

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  • waswat

    Man people are ripping this game apart because of the bad animations, sub par writing and inconsistent models… Makes me wonder if the gameplay is gonna be the only redeeming factor.

    • Paul Younger

      I am looking forward to Tim’s take on this. I am sure he will be relishing the thought of getting stuck in.

    • Scholdarr

      I’ve played the trial for about six and a half hours and it’s exactly as bad as people describe it. Even the gameplay in combat is just standard third person shooting stuff, nothing that really offers something new and exciting. The whole storytelling aspect in Andromeda is one big disaster though, at least in the openening hours.

  • jimbo3298

    Early impressions aren’t good. PCG and RPS are already panning it in early reviews.

    • Paul Younger

      Unless they have completed the game, it can’t really be panned. I would be surprised if there wasn’t more in there than has been talked about or played. It could be rubbish, but I’ll wait to see what Tim says about it.