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Mass Effect: Andromeda
PC Invasion

Mass Effect: Andromeda PC version not “fucked up” says Producer

As Mass Effect: Andromeda starts to reach reviewers, Producer Michael Gamble is here to reassure PC gamers.

First of all, Gamble stresses that the game is not a “port” for the PC saying, “it’s not a port and it’s not fucked up” in response from someone hoping they don’t fuck up the PC port. Let’s hope he’s right.

With regards to getting the game running at a gazillion frames per second, according to Gamble, a 1080 Ti will run the game at 60+FPS at 4k. Well, we should hope so because it’s not exactly a cheap GPU.

Here at PC Invasion we like to give developers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to PC versions but watch out for our tech review, it’s only then we’ll know it’s “not fucked up” and it’s not a port.

Based on the fact there’s a huge amount invested in Mass Effect: Andromeda, we would hope EA has made sure the PC version is top-notch.

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