Mass Effect: Andromeda releases first ‘Gameplay Series’ trailer

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases first ‘Gameplay Series’ trailer

As teased yesterday, BioWare have released a five minute trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda containing some combat footage and detailing both weapons and skillsets. It’s labelled as the first in a ‘Gameplay Series’, so there’ll presumably be more ahead of the 21 March release date.

The footage starts with snippets of 10 seconds (or less), but ends with some continuous gameplay. Mass Effect: Andromeda has four different gun types (pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles), plus melee weapons. The gun arsenal falls into another three sub-categories; projectiles, beam, and plasma. There are no class restrictions on any of this. You just use whatever you fancy.

Skill-wise, there are three main categories. Combat, Biotics, and Tech. The former is all about weapon damage and accuracy, and opens up abilities like the use of flak cannons, grenades, and trip mines. Tech is more about experimental weapons, and “strategic improvements” for yourself and your squad. This branch can give you a flamethrower, and skills like Energy Drain to weaken opponents.

Finally, Biotics. As in prior Mass Effect titles, Biotic skills allow you to manipulate the physical world with abilities like Pull, Push, or Singularity. Here’s the trailer.

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    • Adept

      This… does nothing for me for some reason.

    • vander

      I guess this is a very nice update for those who has liked ME combat before but to me it looks awfully generic and boring – EA plays safe and doesn’t take too much risk.