Just like Spandau Ballet, the Mass Effect: Andromeda crew are very keen on gold (gold!) when it comes to habitable worlds. The latest Andromeda Initiative video talks about these Golden Worlds, and their importance to the mission.

The Tempest vessel is headed to the Helius Cluster, which appears to have seven ‘Golden World’ candidates to look into. Each of these resource-rich worlds represent humanity’s best chance at finding a new home. Helium3, Water, Ice, and Element Zero are all required to keep the Nexus part of the project running, so any potential colony world needs to have these resources in abundance.

More resources means more upgrades, and more colonists being awakened from cryosleep. Have a watch of the video for a summary of the planetary candidates. The ‘tropical paradise’ will be the first destination on the list. I’m sure it’ll be perfect and the game will wrap up.

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes to the PC on 21 March.

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