Mass Effect Andromeda video takes you inside the Tempest and Nomad

Mass Effect Andromeda video takes you inside the Tempest and Nomad

The latest video to hit for Mass Effect Andromeda takes a closer look at the Tempest ship and the Nomad

The Tempest is a fast ship capable of thirteen light years per day and this will be the Andromeda Initiative’s home. The video shows numerous locations such as the R&D lab, tech and bio labs, the bridge, the meeting room, armory, cargo bay, med bay and engineering.

Also on show is the Nomad rover vehicle for use on the planet surface. It comes with a booster and thrusters. It can scan for resources with mining drones and paint jobs can also be applied.

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    • vander

      After Star Citizen the ship doesn’t look impressive, but hopefully it fits into Mass Effect very nicely.

      • Paul Younger

        It’s a typical Mass Effect looking ship though so that works 🙂

        • vander

          Yeah, I’m sure the fans likes it and people seems to be pretty excited on Youtube comments about what they see. That’s good.
          I hope they have managed to get it “lively” inside and not being just a small map. If I understood right there still no space around the ship and the flying is pretty much similar to earlier ME games. Do you know if the crew has daily 24h routines and tasks or anything like that?

          • Robert Musillo

            If I understand correctly. Thats basically the “pathfinder vessel”. Its a scout vessel trying to find a planet fit for life.

            There are huge space stations that are containing the populace.

            • vander

              I think I saw an interview sometime ago where a designer mentioned populated space ship but I’m not sure if he mentioned if NPCs are just statically staying in one position or if they are moving around and doing some tasks.

              EA has huge resources, they are able to use same tools, assets and most likely lots of technologies and source code from the previous ME games. That’s why I would expect them to be able to push boundaries forward but unfortunately what we have seen so far it looks just a small step forward from already pretty modest previous ME games. Maybe we have seen just a small glimpse of all greatness new ME has to offer so I may be positively surprised.

              Of course I don’t mean that the game couldn’t be amazing game and experience. I just hope those companies that has ability to take gaming to next levels would try to do that.

              More I play and hear about Star Citizen, more I appreciate what Chris and CIG is working on. They have done already amazing work. It is pretty sad to see how much crap they get when you see what these big publishers and developers get done with more resources and years of development.

              Still, I look forward to play yet another ME game although I have to finish ME3 first.