The promised Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer has shown up today, and hits several familiar beats for the series. No gameplay in this one, it all looks to be in-engine cinematics.

It introduces a probable antagonist in the form of crusty alien looking menace The Archon (or Arkon, I guess, but since Archons were magistrates of Athens it’s probably that), and has at least one incredibly cheesy line (“we’re gonna change the rules“) where you can almost hear the record scratch effect.

Hero man Scott Ryder, his face sculpted from pure marketing demographics, is not Shepard. But he has adopted some Shepard-like qualities, such as punching people and engaging in dubious workplace romance. It’s looking pretty Mass Effect, basically.

The game is out on 21 March. There’s more about the new crew in the ‘Pathfinder & Team’ video at the Mass Effect Initiative.

Peter Parrish

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