Mass Effect: Andromeda

There’s a sighting of the lesser-spotted multiplayer mode in Mass Effect: Andromeda today, with the release of a five minute video. BioWare cancelled the multiplayer beta test originally planned ahead of release, so, unless you were at PAX, this is about as close as you’ll get.

As with the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3, Andromeda gives up to four players the chance to band together in cooperative play against escalating waves of foes (followed, hopefully, by a successful extraction). Really, the phrase “as with the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3” applies to a lot of this, as it looks pretty much the same. Understandable, since it was well received last time.

Obviously you’re choosing from races and weaponry more prevalent in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the structure of the mode, and aspects like combo attacks where team-mates align their abilities into more powerful attacks, are all quite familiar. Have a look at how it pans out, below. Andromeda is due on 21 March.

Peter Parrish

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