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You have no chance to survive. Mako your time.

Initial reports from the Mass Effect ComicCon were largely based on people tweeting from within the event, and our own was no exception. We were indebted to Nerd Appropriate’s twitter coverage, and the same site has now put up a more in-depth transcript from the panel.

With fuller responses to the questions now available, a few details about the new Mass Effect game be clarified and expanded upon.

The Mako, according to Mike Gamble, “is going to be fundamental to the game.” BioWare is building a game about exploring places, and “obviously [if you’re] exploring places [you’re going to need] a really handy vehicle.” It’s said to be capable of tearing around planets really quickly, and Make customisation is something the team has been “looking at.”

Any remaining vagueness to these answers is most likely because the new Mass Effect title is still a number of years away.

There were mumblings and suggestions that this might be the game in the series that finally allows non-human main characters in single player, but that seems as if it won’t be the case. “For sure your main character will be human but in terms of other playable races… we can’t talk about that at this point,” Gamble said.

That’s some interesting phrasing, and “other playable races” would presumably refer to either a return of co-operative multiplayer (hinted at elsewhere in the panel) or a system like Dragon Age: Inquisition where it’s possible to take control over other squad characters during combat.

Regarding the point in time when the game might be set, Gamble says “we still want to bring in elements of what you know and love about the previous trilogy that might include certain characters and it might not. So guaranteed, either way that we end up going you’re going to see a certain amount of the old with the new.” The races you know will “to some degree” still be present, and new races were also mentioned.

Referring to a specific question about Mass Effect timelines and the new title, the reply was this “What I will say is that (long sigh) you’re NOT playing as Shepard and Shepard is not a central part of the story, so you can assume whatever you need to assume from that.  We want to give players new places to explore [and] uncharted areas that haven’t been explored before.”

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