Details of the next DLC episode for Mass Effect have emerged in the game’s official forums. The episode, named Pinnacle Station, apparently appeared as live on the German and Swiss versions of Xbox.com and the translated description is as follows, butchered English and all:“Share your bravery on a remote, top-secret space station of the alliance to the test. Can you hold your position as the best of the best? This module contains a new space station, can be landed on, 13 exciting battle scenarios, and about 2-3 hours of gameplay. Requirement: You must reach the Specter status before you can accept this mission. To view this content, there is no refund. For more information, accounts, see www.xbox.com / live /.”A Bioware community mod, Chris Priestly, later confirmed that the DLC had gone live erroneously:“This is not correct,” he said.“The DLC is NOT available in Germany yet, this is a mistake from the German Xbox website. We are correcting this. You should be hearing more about the next DLC later today once work starts back in North America.”Stay tuned for more info and in the meantime, check out our preview of the game’s upcoming sequel.

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