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On N7 day last year, Mass Effect fans got something they’ve been wanting for quite a while. BioWare revealed that the first three games in the legendary franchise would be remastered and re-released as one massive collection. The scope of the game’s remaster — what will be updated, how extensive changes will be — hasn’t been revealed yet. However, an apparent leak from those infamous retailers in Singapore and Indonesia has apparently revealed the release date for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

According to a promotional Tweet from GSShopMass Effect: Legendary Edition‘s release date will be March 12. That’s much earlier than expected considering the game was revealed just two months ago. Another site, Shopitree, has a store page for the game listing the same release date. It also reveals that the game will come with not just Mass Effect through but also “promo weapons, armors, and packs.”


One giant leap for Mass Effect

A remastered collection of Mass Effect titles has been in demand for some time now. Due to this, rumors of a game like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releasing have been around for quite a while. The last instance of a rumor like this claimed that a Mass Effect trilogy remaster would come out last October. Of course, that wasn’t too accurate, but it was shockingly close to the game’s actual reveal date.

A remastered trilogy isn’t all that’s in store for Mass Effect, though. Another entry in the franchise is in the works, and don’t worry, it’s almost certainly divorced from Mass Effect: Andromeda. Whatever it’s eventually called, Mass Effect 4 is being worked on, and had been teased by BioWare in a trailer during December’s Game Awards Show. The trailer, although brief, showed the return of Liara T’soni, a long-time crewmate of Commander Shepard. Don’t expect a release date to leak for this game any time soon though, as it’s likely still extremely early in development.

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