For the past couple of years, BioWare have designated 7 November to be ‘N7’ day and revealed some Mass Effect-related info. Last year, for example, saw the release of some rather blurry and mysterious images from the upcoming new Mass Effect title.

This year, BioWare will be conducting a ‘developer roundtable’ event as part of a livestream. News of that comes from BioWare’s Mike Gamble, in the form of a twitter announcement.

There’s not much indication yet of what that developer roundtable session may reveal. Hopefully it’s more exciting than E3’s limp effort and at least equally as exciting as the ComicCon panel which, among other things, showed a bit of super early Mako footage.

What it definitely won’t be revealing, at least according to BioWare’s Aaron Flynn, is any news about a remastered Mass Effect trilogy.

That’s an interesting use of “when,” there, for something that’s never been announced. Flynn subsequently showed up on NeoGaf, asking people for their views on what they’d like to see in a re-issued Mass Effect trilogy package. You know, just hypothetically.

While he doesn’t mention the PC in the above tweet, it seems fairly likely that any substantial update of the original three games would see a release on our platform. Especially if it bundled in all the DLC, improved textures in the first Mass Effect, added controller support and so on.

Anyway, I’ll be watching the N7 stream at 10am Pacific tomorrow, ready to publish any interesting news.

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