November 7th, 2017

Mass Effect planning “surprises and giveaways” for N7 Day

Mass Effect planning “surprises and giveaways” for N7 Day

The fifth annual Mass Effect ‘N7 Day’ is coming up next week, and this year marks the tenth since the original game’s release. N7 Day, a community/marketing event that started in 2012, is named after the vocational emblem on Commander Shepard’s outfit. It takes place, as you might imagine, every 7 November.

This year it may feel a little strange, as the most recent release Mass Effect Andromeda has effectively ended as a single player game. So in terms of continuing the Mass Effect story, the future looks pretty uncertain. They could, of course, still run some multiplayer N7 events. Still, it’s unlikely that Mass Effect players would have expected the series to be in this spot at year ten.

The announcement for the upcoming activities promises “great surprises, offers, and giveaways,” so at the very least there will be some potential Mass Effect related freebies. Here’s the full blurb.

This year marks 10 years since the release of Mass Effect. In that time, we’ve made friends, fallen in love, and traveled to new galaxies.

We’ve watched our community grow, as all of you shared your love of this universe, wore your N7 with pride, and told us stories about your Shepard and Ryder.

This N7 day, we’re celebrating how far we’ve all come together, and looking back on a decade of Mass Effect. Check back here next Tuesday, November 7, to see all the great surprises, offers, and giveaways we have in store as we celebrate #teN7.

Thank you for coming with us to the stars and beyond. It’s been a hell of a ride. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Update 7 November: Mass Effect N7 Day falls flat with some fans.

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    • KC

      Remake of the original trilogy for PC with all DLC and controller support?

    • Grung

      They killed this game when they decided to kill Shepard, cuz for all of us who followed the story for so many years and invested so much in this character his group of friends and love interest(s)
      It felt like the biggest slap in the face.

      Now I wanted to love Andromeda, and I gave it a chance.. i really really did… But it just felt like a cheap knockoff of the real thing.

      EA games is a cancer that kills games in favor of cash grabs and thats exactly what they did when they acquired bioware. If i was a game dev I would let my company burb to the ground before I let vulture like EA buys it.

      This N7 feels as hollow as their latest installment of a once great game. I hope the surprises they mention will be worth it, tho i doubt it.

      • Ossi Hurme

        Killing Shepard was fitting end in my opinion. It was gonna be the last game anyways so it shouldn’t have mattered.

        • Grung

          You would be one of the few who think that though… I mean, since the ending was hugely criticized by fans of the game back when it was released… But its cool everyone can have their opinion and obviously the game developers thought so as well. 🙂

          Also it could be the end of the trilogy, but there was ZERO need to burn all bridges for future sequel possibilities.

          Killing off the player (or his character 😛 ) in the end of the game feels like a cheap gimmick to stir talk about the game… Especially when people had invested 5 years and three games into the story lol.

          • Ossi Hurme

            You’re right about that burning bridges thing. It wouldn’t have been issue if that would have been the end of the series like it was planned to be. But once again they (EA) had no backbone and had to go and make another game at which point they had a problem.
            Considering that they did pretty nice job writing themselves out of it with Andromeda and it still had that Mass Effect feeling. Sure it wasn’t as good as original trilogy combined but it was still pretty solid ride after it was patched.

      • DGR

        I honestly don’t mind having the option to have Shepard die at the end of ME 3, but the obvious problem is that there’s no good ending that he/she can survive. And the sad thing is that it would be such an easy fix, story-wise. Instead of Anderson dying where he does and there being no other alternative, let’s say you can save him from the gunshot and by doing so, he comes up with Shepard and takes his/her place in the blue or green ending, telling Shepard that the galaxy will need him/her in its efforts to recover. Shepard deserved an opportunity to live without having to destroy all synthetic life (and killing EDI as well) and deserved much more than a gasp of air at the end. It was, indeed, a slap in the face. I don’t hate the game or the ending, but I hate that I can’t rescue Shepard for a happy ending.

    • Zachery Mckeel

      I had difficulty loving the 1st 3 games as much as I knew I could. I seem to recall that my actions in the previous game meant little to nothing for the plot line of each consecutive game. I recall DLC, on a system that I had no net access with (xbox 360) because I live out in the country. Most of all, I remember being driven partially Insane because of a feature in Mass Effect 3 that required internet to use- but did not make this clear at all. And then, after playing three VERY different games of a series where they company demanded to change the format of gameplay for each game, after finally settling on taking Gears of War style, the Galaxy was LOST. Yes I say lost, because we were all forced to choose between 3 endings that did not actuallu include a “Paragon” ending where every thing can work out.

      Now I have mobile streaming through my phone, so purchasing DLC (and downloading day 1 updates- because EA is a P.O.S. that refuses to fully finish ANYTHING They do before selling it) is not as much of a hassle as it has been in the past 10 years. I found the concept of Andromeda refreshing, regardless that EA basically forced them to use a gaming engine that did not suit the needs of the game (which EA has even done AGAIN, recently, and is Again blaming their employees for not being able to force a square block through a circular hole). I would have loved Andromeda (despite it not being 10% what it was originally meant to be) more if EA Would Just Grow The #### Up And Understand That They Are Not Giving Me What I Want By Finding A New Way To Try And Force Me To Play Online Multiplayer – BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. (Literally, only satellite coverage- because EA didn’t start the game of ####### people over- they are only emulating politicians).
      So here is Andromeda, which COULD STILL TO THIS DAY, be a come from no where Blockbuster if Co-op meant CO-OPERATIVE GAMEPLAY, but instead it only has online multiplayer….

    • GameZard

      Only thing that they could do that would make me happy is release ME1 and 2 on GoGs.

    • Shawn

      They could finally put all of the ME2 DLC on sale. Something they have never done as far back as I can remember.

    • Winter

      Release a Remastered Edition for Mass Effect’s 1 and 2 and a remake for ME3 that has a better structure has meaningful side quests, a great main story and endings that are actually good instead of the crap of the original ending that effectively killed the series.

      I’m working on Fan Fix of sorts that is what I and many other fans want in a Remake of ME3 and its not just the ending. This remake will also have a better dialogue wheel, gives the lead races their own campaign which can be done in any order you want. More squad mates, better combat and boss fights, linear levels that are still loaded with story content, Javik will have a actual character instead of just being a exposition machine,and the game will have changes both major and minor depending on your choices throughout the series and will not only effect the ending of each campaign but the ending of the game itself and NOT some Deus Ex Machina that is powered by space magic and is controlled by some little blue troll.

    • DGR

      If the announcement isn’t a remastering of the original trilogy then I honestly don’t care.