Mass Effect 5 Next Secret Message Liara Teaser

The Mass Effect teaser clip contains a secret message from Liara

Buried secrets.

I speculated yesterday that BioWare was likely hiding something in its N7 teaser. To celebrate the day, the company shared a teaser image paired with spooky audio for the in-progress next Mass Effect game. It turns out, I was right. As discovered by the community, and spotted by PC Gamer, the Mass Effect teaser contains a secret message from none other than franchise mainstay Liara T’Soni.

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The image itself seemed innocent enough. A massive ship-like monitoring station is seen orbiting a hazy planet. All around are smaller ships, dwarfed by enormous construct. Distorted audio plays throughout the teaser, and to the casual fan is nothing more than noise. However, Soundcloud user Mosaic Horse cut through the noise, and found that the Mass Effect teaser contained a brief clip spoken by Liara.


Much of it is too distorted to distorted to make out, save for a couple eerie sentences. “Exactly, the council will be furious,” Liara says. “Although, they should know by now not to underestimate human defiance.” As PC Gamer points out, the image is also similar to one shared in the BioWare 25th anniversary book. Although the short clip doesn’t quite clarify the story of the upcoming game, it is interesting. I wonder how it will all fit together.

Mass Effect teaser may be more than a clip from Liara

Folks in the community have been speculating just what else BioWare is revealing with the teaser image. Eurogamer’s Tom Philips asks why a new station is being built. Michael Gamble, the project director at BioWare, replied by calling it “A most excellent question.” Most excellent, indeed. Gamble also kind of spilled the beans behind the message with his own tweet.

The next Mass Effect won’t be here for some time, but we’ve known for a while it will see the return of Liara in some role. Whether or not she’ll be a party member once more or some kind of supporting character is unknown. BioWare stated in its N7 blog post that the studio will have more “when we’re ready.”

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